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Mobile Applications

CaffaWare is specialized in creating innovative mobile experiences for Apple and Android devices. Using the latest technologies we are able to rapidly develop and deploy applications. Our developed apps are showcased on our portfolio

AIR ANE's & Tools

We also develop Adobe AIR native extensions, which are pieces of code that contain native functionalities, and software tools with various purposes. You can see and download our developed AIR ANE's and software tools here

Freelance code magician

Rudy van der Blom, the founder of CaffaWare, also offers his coding skills on a freelance basis. He is a true coding autodidact and can support you with multiple programming languages and software packages. Read his blog


Do you want us to develop a custom mobile app, Adobe AIR native extension or need help with your code ? Just send us an e-mail info@caffaware.com or check us out on Facebook

AS3 Trilateration

Trilateration is a mathematical procedure to calculate the position of an unknown...


AS3Maps is an example mobile application which makes use of Openlayers 3...


Met de Rebreathe app kun je middels audiosessies kennis maken met mindfulness....

IVN Stein

IVN Stein is a mobile application developed for iOS and Android with...